Tlalli - The Fair Around the World

Tlalli- from Nahuatl meaning "land" -The land of men-
Tlalli- The Fair Around the World, born with the idea of ​​merging cultures, to realize that there is always something beyond what our eyes can see, that we can open our Pandora's box. Uniting nations to show to the world what our "land" produces.

In Tlalli-The Fair Around the World, we want to become one of the most important thematic fairs of Second Life, since we want to be a tradition in the future.

At Tlalli-The Fair Around the World-we are a group of people with experience in the world of fashion, blogging, events and advertising management within Second Life for more than five uninterrupted years, maintaining an unblemished reputation, we work with honesty, loyalty and perseverance .

Our motto is work, build, create and share.

Tlalli-The Fair Around the World, is a thematic fair, which will be held on a quarterly basis.

It starts every month of March, July, September and December, to cover the four seasons of the year.

During each round a country will be our guest, we will be chosing the guest countries unanimously on a consecutive basis.

Our first guest country was Mexico, now it is time for France to become the star of December, with a magical touch of Chrismas and all the glamour that this wonderful country has to offer.

All designers must create something exclusively for the round with the country represented, (can be using colors of their flag, some emblem or something representative of that chosen country)
The round will last 21 days.
With opening of the 10th of each month and closing on the 2nd of the following month.

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